25 June 2016

DISAPPOINTMENT — for many at the result of the EU vote — . For some the disappointment seems to have led to depression or anger or fear. The Point of Power doesn’t feel like ours simply because the vote went against what we wanted: what we believe in. I have been experiencing all the emotions I have listed above but feel that in the end I have been able to accept the choice made by others without ‘doing down’ in my mind, the people who voted for ‘out’. I have no other choice but to live with it and I might as well live with it happily rather than allow myself to be dragged down into the ‘depths’. The actions which might prove fruitful are asking my ‘self’ ‘What do I have to learn from this experience?’ and attempting to be aware of the times in my past where I have allowed disappointment to get the better of me because consciously or subconsciously those past experiences will be adding to the emotional stress of this experience.

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