26 January 2016

The Point of Power is Now, in each moment, But why don’t we know that in each moment. Nelson Mandela once said,that it is being powerful which frightens us individually more than being powerless. To view ourselves as victims of other people and circumstances removes us from all responsibility for our lives and allows us to justifiably blame others. Or so that rational mind would have us believe.

As we grew from babies into young children, teenagers, young adults we gave up our knowing that we are ‘formless’- energy -at one with ALL THAT IS — GOD and chose the duality of ‘me’ and ‘the other’ and our rational minds developed the habit patter of blaming and criticising others.

The ‘pay off’’ for this, of course, is that we can cover over our sadness at the world — of being a ‘soul in a body’ and redirect the anger we feel at the ‘loss’ of not knowing who we truly are any more as we grow from young children into older children and are socialised into being how our parents and society expect us to be.

So, let us ask the question ‘Who Am I’? If we watch children who are acting from joy — being true to themselves and acting from Formless Energy we gain a glimpse of who we were before we were socialised, before we saw others as the enemy of our ‘selves’ What brings us joy as an adult? Getting lost in music? painting? Being with friends? Being in the countryside? ? ?.

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