27 October — I Believe

If what we believe creates our reality — a point I argue vehemently — what beliefs do we hold? ‘Everyone is out to get us’. ‘Nothing goes right for me. ‘If you want it enough you can get it’. ‘Better not to trust anyone they will always let you down’. ‘Life is not worth living.’ ‘Life is what you make it’.

A belief of mine is that no-one will hurt me if I don’t expect them to and I feel very safe working around the streets of Bristol at all times of the day and night, whilst others my age think I am tempting fate and worry for my safety.

It can be difficult to identify our beliefs whilst the mind chatters away incessantly but we give ourselves a clue to what we believe every time we have an acute reaction to something others tell us they have done.

When we reflect upon what is natural behaviour for us and what is not we give ourselves clues as to what our beliefs are.

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