29 January 2016

Yesterday I was engaged in a conversation about our individual subconscious minds. Personally, I do not believe in the subconscious mind. Having in the past studied Freud, Adler, Jung, I have taken on board the difference between introvert and extrovert personalities and subscribe to the Collective Subconscious theory of Jung. I do, however, view the idea of our each having an individual subconscious mind with suspicion, especially one which is obsessed with sex. To me, the ‘subconscious’ mind seems a convenient way of creating fear and a lack of self worth in the individual, planting self concern about not being able to measure up to others’ and Society’s expectations of us.

Of course, we each of us have what might be called a ‘drop box’ to where we choose to consign unpleasant memories we would rather not recall. Sometimes these memories rise unbidden to the fore of our conscious minds, or we subconsciously project behaviours we do not wish to own in ourselves, on to others. (Jung’s theory of PROJECTION}.

We are free at any time when we become aware that our ‘chattering monkey minds’ are making life uncomfortable for us, to resurrect and ‘own’ memories consigned to the subconscious mind through placing our attention on the Solar plexus area. Or, we can attempt to hold a conversation between both sides of us as represented by the left brain hemisphere (right hand) and the right brain hemisphere (left hand). We are also free, of course, to indulge in the habitual behaviour by which we drown out our thoughts. This may be somewhat negative behaviour like drink, drugs, blaming others etc, or it may be positive behaviour patterns such as painting, playing/listening to music, talking to friends etc

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