5 April 2017 — Pigeon Holing People

Today I have been contemplating on how I ‘pigeon-hole’ people. As I entered a cafe I saw someone I knew and immediately my mind went over what he would tell me about himself, the questions he would ask me and how condescending his response would be to whatever I told him.

However I turned out to be totally wrong with regard to what he talked about and his responses to what I said. The lesson I have learnt from this incident is that people can change. And then I wondered if perhaps there was something different about me and the way in which I responded to him. Whatever the reason, the lesson I learned was that people can change and that nothing or no-one is ALWAYS the same although it often suits us to believe the opposite.

Why? Wanting things to stay the same? A reluctance to acknowledge change emanating from the need to stay safe in the belief we know what to expect?.

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