5 September 2017 — AGE IS JUST A NUMBER — A State of Mind

In the ‘Olden Days’ as one of my grand-daughters insists on calling my past, older people were revered as being wise and as a child/teenager you took it for granted that you had to respect your elders and ‘betters’! In no way am I wishing to resurrect that scenario, my intention is merely to point out the labelling which older people are subjected to and the to my mind ‘false’ assumptions made by others of an older person merely because of age. Nor am I forgetting that in the same way assumptions are made about younger people. However the assumptions made about senior citizens are generally negative and those made of younger people more likely to be positive.

The most important thing I would say that age has brought me, is a lack of self consciousness and the ability to know who I truly am. As a younger person I was very much subjected to my conditioning and the need to fit in and now I find it very freeing that I no longer care what others think. There is a saying I have come across which reads ‘Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out’. Standing out is not a conscious motivation of mine BUT sometimes I feel that I do stand out in a positive way as people give me the impression by their responses to me that they notice me and they certainly seem to humour me. However, I do feel that this reaction is due to my age.

It does seem very sad that as we age physically we are expected to mentally take on the mantel of an older person. This is what I refuse to do. Whatever brings me joy I indulge in if I am physically able. The one way I do let age affect me, however, is that I am not so adventurous as when I was younger — in one way more sensible but in another less willing to attempt something new. AND I MOST CERTAINLY have to struggle to keep up with technology!

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