9 July 2017 — The Heat Wave Continues

Out walking yesterday it was obvious how many young people combine the joy of the heat and find the ability to cope with it. They cope with the heat by being in groups and getting completely out of their heads on drink and finding everything funny. My problem would seem to be then that I don’t drink and can find no way open to me to escape from the heat and the difficulty I have with it. This difficulty can be summed up by saying that ‘the heat zaps my energy’. I feel I have no energy. Einstein’s formula about energy equalling mass squared by the speed of light most certainly seems to apply if we take ‘the speed of light’ to be the sun. And it certainly affects me differently from people running. The ‘key’ here would seem to be our state of minds. People who run for a hobby whatever the weather see joy in the heat whilst my spontaneous reaction to the heat is ‘Oh NOT again’. It doesn’t however effect me physically as the heat doesn’t make me ill as it does some people. It seems to me that where I am concerned I simply need to give myself a different message and welcome the heat and honour my belief that THROUGH OUR THOUGHTS WE CHOOSE OUR REALITY and thereby CHOOSE to enjoy it.

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