BE GENTLE ON YOURSELF — The Chattering Monkey Mind — 14 Sept 2017

When our chattering monkey mind won’t give us any peace, and worry seems to be the order of the day, we need to TAKE STOCK and realise that we are indeed choosing to do the worry = the ego mind likes to know it exists and feels very upset at those moments when we are at peace with our ‘selves’. The chattering monkey mind loves nothing better than to feel sorry for ourselves, do ourselves down or to criticise and blame others and feel either superior or inferior to them. In order to gain control over our chattering ‘monkey’ mind, we need first of all to know that we are PERFECT IN OUR IMPERFECTIONS and simply accept the way that we are. When we are able to accept our ‘selves’ WARTS AND ALL then we have no inclination to project our inadequacies and our guilt on to others. We can accept that they too are perfect in their imperfections.

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