Formless Energy

This blog is based on the understanding that ‘we’, (each of us individually) create our own reality and if we don’t like what is happening to us, then we are the only ones who can change it by changing the way we act and respond to situations.

This implies that WHATEVER IS HAPPENING IN OUR LIVES AT ANY ONE MOMENT — illness, losing our job, home, partner etc is happening because on some level, we have chosen it.

No person, no situation causes us to act in a certain way, so how we respond to each situation is solely our own choice. This, of course, is not what most of us like to believe. We feel much more comfortable blaming fate, God, our parents, other people generally.

The reason I believe that we as individuals choose to remain unaware that it is US. and NOT God, NOT our parents, NOT other people, NOT fate who is responsible for what has and is happening to us at any one moment, is that as we grew from babies to young children, we made the choice to operate only from our right brain hemispheres — our rational minds.

As babies and young children, our right brain hemispheres, our intuitive minds, were balanced with our left brain hemispheres (rational minds) and we were aware of our ‘selves’ as SOULS/FORMLESS ENERGY as it were, come into the FORM of MATTER (our bodies).

However because our parents, like their parents before them allowed themselves to be drawn away from their right brain hemisphere (soul minds) to operate only from their rational reasoning left hemisphere brains, they came to identify themselves with their rational thinking minds believing themselves to be their feelings, thoughts and their bodies only, and separate from all else.

And, accompanying this belief in our separateness, is the belief that we are the pawns or victims of ‘fate’ and ‘chance’ and have no responsibility for anything which happens to us, including how others treat us. And so, each new generation of children in turn, born as we all are, with the AWARENESS of being ‘formless energy’: of being a PART OF EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE- come to lose their connection with the earth, the planets, the plants, the trees, as well as with other people and operate from the belief that they are SEPARATE FROM ALL ELSE IN THE UNIVERSE. We, from our standpoint as adults, just have to watch ours or others children to see that when young, children seem to inhabit another world and act in a very different way from ourselves. We observe them, smile sweetly at times, become a very little exasperated at others because we have important things to get done and they seem to be wasting our time.

Perhaps the main difference between ourselves as adults, and ourselves when children, is the ability all children have to express their emotions and to be true to how they feel. This, I suggest is because as children we all come from a different place. As children we naturally feel our emotions in the Solar Plexus. The Solar Plexus is the place beneath our navel which feels as if the bottom is about to drop out of it when we have shock news. However, each generation of ‘adults’ seem quite successful in dragging each generation of children out of the ability to feel naturally in this area and teaching them to respond with their rational minds which results in much complaining, moaning and groaning and manipulation of adults.

I would like to use this Blog to raise questions and introduce methods which aid the recall of how as children we reacted to life’s situations, how and why we have created the situations we find in our life today; how we have arrived at the place in which we find ourselves today and how we can become aware that we have created all the we are encountering in life and that we have the ability to change it.

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