PET HATES — Things/People which just get up your nose.

My dearest pet hate is the cyclist and this morning I had the great pleasure of a lady who like me had been ‘cut up‘ by a cyclist saying to me ‘don’t you just hate them’ and I’m afraid to say I indulged myself with her. This happened very soon after I had made my mantra for the day — ‘Make me say soft sweet words to all, do deeds which shower happiness on all, behave in a way which brings pleasure to all’. I did try to redeem myself at the end by remarking that they weren’t all the same some of them were considerate to the pedestrian but then we both agreed that that didn’t apply to many of them! Oh dear!

I am aware, however, that my maligning the cyclist did far more harm to me than to him or her as it destroyed my inner peace. Yes, I felt momentarily elated to have had such rapport with the other pedestrian but then felt guilty. However, another one of my beliefs is that ‘guilt’ is not a true feeling it is an act — a choice — of the rational mind. I think that I may now have reached the position of feeling truly sorry and of being able to act in a way which bears out my belief that we attract to us those situations which the rational mind fears, dislikes and agonises about. Perhaps if I change my thought ‘patterning’ and stop hating and getting upset by cyclists on the pavement I will be in a position where I will cease to encounter them — STOP ATTRACTING THEM TOWARDS ME.

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