THE BLAME GAME — 16.10.17

Today I really can’t help feeling that life was so much easier when I believed in the ‘blame game’ , ie the game we play when we refuse to take responsibility for how our lives are and for what is happening to us and we feel others are treating us ‘unfairly’ and that life is ‘unfair’.

For many years I attributed all my problems to my mother and truly believed that the way I was and what was happening in my life that I didn’t like, was her fault. Today I know without any doubts that each of us is responsible for creating our own reality and that it is through our thoughts that we do this — a ‘toughie’ that one.

It is, however, our ability to respond honestly to situations which holds the key as to whether or not we are able to take responsibility for our actions and for bringing about the situations we experience in our lives through OUR THOUGHTS. It is OUR CHOICE whether we take responsibility for WHO WE ARE, HOW WE ARE and FOR WHAT HAPPENS IN OUR LIVES.

RESPONSIBILITY is simply the ABILITY TO RESPOND and WE CAN CHOOSE to respond either RESPONSIBLY or IRRESPONSIBLY KNOWING that it is our thoughts which dictate our actions.

The starting point for this, of course, is AWARENESS OF WHAT WE ARE THINKING and here we return to one of the constant themes of my blogs and this AWARENESS, is of course achieved by our being aware of the feelings in our tummies, or strictly speaking the SOLAR PLEXUS.

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