Why? How can I reclaim it? The answer to ‘why’ can only be ‘fear’ — and the answer to ‘how I can reclaim it?’ must be ‘letting go of fear’. So why the fear? What is it of which I am so frightened? The usual, knowing that my life is changing, Knowing that the illnesses I have at the moment, I have attracted through the fear. No longer can I boast ‘I’m never ill’| Whilst I am ‘doing’ this illness then I am worrying about my health, my body and not about moving forward in my life by trying to get my work published. The fear which i needed to overcome in order to get this blog off the ground was pretty tremendous and I have been aware for a long time that I found my life in a female monastery easier in many ways than I find life in the world.

I do believe in past lives and I sometimes wonder if I got burnt at the stake for being a witch but that is neither here nor there. It seems so incongruous to be frightened of getting stuff published. I certainly have no problems in talking about my beliefs and the ideas in my books!

The answer to ‘how’ I can reclaim THE POINT OF POWER is of course the title of Susan Jeffers book: ‘Feel the fear and Do It Anyway’ . I’m feeling the fear at the thought of doing it but not actually doing it so all I can do at the moment is TO BE AWARE OF MY MIND SET, — TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME KNOWING IT IS MY CHOICE and pray for the courage to do what a large part of me feels so strongly that it is meant to do.

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