Walking locally this morning I encountered in a public place an abandoned Christmas Tree and many bags of rubbish. Among my emails was one promoting the importance of culture — ‘culture’ — that which enhances the world, which enhances the greatness and glory of a country.

“ A code of practice which, if followed by all, helps to raise the individual and society to a higher level of existence. The observance of morality in daily life, divinisation of all actions and thoughts related to life and the adherence of ideals — all these together constitute culture”. How many of us hold personal ideals today? One might say that as individuals a personal ideal might be to walk through the world harmlessly or without leaving ‘tracks’ ie clearing up after ourselves and not leaving a trail of where we have been.

However, before an individual is capable of walking ‘tracklessly’ through the world, and able to hold high ideals, he or she needs to be able to value him or her self: in other words needs to possess self esteem. I would suggest that the person or persons who left the rubbish, feel in some way that they are worthless and do not value themselves and are therefore not able to value their environment and their society.

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