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It really is saddening to get up every morning in India, switch on the TV and watch headlines on trump and his antics. From what we Indians perceive(d) US to be is rapidly changing. Every one of us look at institutions like Harvard, Stanford, MIT and dream of studying in such places. But when you think about it now, Indians (or any other country) would be treated as though they are born non-state actors.

To be honest, many of us look forward to grow up, settle in a developed country so that we can contribute our share to the world (both western and eastern cultures). The image that Obama portrayed, an America that is for development to what Trump is driving it to the world are to tangents.

I might not be fully aware of all his statements because I am not in US, but what the world is hearing is making everyone either laugh and/or feel scared about what is going to happen.

Being an Indian, politics runs deep through our veins and some, like me, are able to understand what is happening in the world and the country which stands by freedom seems to become more about fascism

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