What I learned from Tai Lopez’s review on Daniel Golemen’s book on Focus

Chase one rabbit, chase one goal

I like to think of it as two types of focus. Big picture focus and small picture focus. Small picture focus is the ability to be able to, for example sit down with an informational book and reading it with minimal distractions and absorbing and learning the content in the book. Big picture focus is the ability to stay dedicated to one goal without messing around.

Meditation is a great exercise to practice small picture focus and aiding in big picture focus. It trains you to get back to focusing faster, after being distracted because it is inevitable for us to be distracted from our environment. Having unfocused time where our brains are not stimulated by anything and we let our brains wonder and be creative. Unfocused time can be walking in a park or on a quiet road not watching YouTube or whatsapping.

Big picture focus can only be practiced by actually doing it in your life by sticking to one goal and achieving it. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger who had a vision of becoming the best bodybuilder, then becoming a world famous actor and finally the governor of California. The main thing to realize is that he achieved each of these goals one at a time and did not stray away from it. He remained dedicated and achieved what he wanted by focusing on one thing at a time. He also did TM as a side note.

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