May 21 · 1 min read

I don’t know you and haven’t bothered to read your article, don’t take it personally I don’t have time and rarely read anything.

But I would ask you politely to refrain from using my name to engraciate yourself with TRAs by telling them you don’t agree with my “stance”. I would like to know what you’re referring to, what stance? “You missed out the bit about Posie Parker going to the US to speak alongside far right groups who are anti women’s right to choose and have actively celebrated the bombing of abortion clinics”. You are replying to this comment, which implies you think that that is my stance and/or I have talked alongside far right groups. Then you use my name in a thread of tweets with regards to me saying the far right are not a threat. What you miss is that the reason I don’t think the far right are a threat in the UK is because they are very small in number and the left are leading the charge in obliterating our rights, including surrogacy, prostitution and gender identity. The Labour Party, if elected, will instantly set about changing the Equality Act to include gender identity.

I know it’s tempting to set yourself up as virtuous and reasonable and that slagging me off is a short cut to pacify TRAs and potentially get noticed by the women who have attempted to position themselves as leaders of this movement, but I would ask if you really know enough about me to comment on my stance or my views.


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    A terribly bigoted woman who has the nerve to to support women and girls.