Why you shouldn’t quit yet…

18 months ago I made a decision to change my life.

To create a life that made me feel proud, that felt like “me”, and to figure out what I really wanted in life and how I could get there.

Here are some of the changes that has involved for me:

• I’ve gone from being an unsporty non-runner to running two half marathons (does that make a full marathon?!) 😉

• I’ve moved from a stressful full-time job that was making me ill, to working part-time in a company I love and doing work on the side so I have more flexibility

• I started being aware of the people who lift me up and make me feel alive, and the relationships that are probably not good for either of us any more

• I started meeting and connecting with people working in my new industry, by going to conferences and events that interest and inspire me

• I went from being clueless about my passion, to working towards it and setting up a venture doing work I love.

(I’m not trying to be arrogant by saying those things. Those are the highlights — but there were low points as well.)

But what I did isn’t important, for what we’re talking about today.


See, it’s not the changes I’ve made…

It’s the lesson that came out of them.

And that lesson is this:

Things take longer than you think.


Take it in.

Big goals and challenges take a while.

That’s okay!

Don’t get disheartened by this.

This is not to discourage you.

Rather, to spur you on.

See, if you’ve taken something on — learning a new language, setting up a business on the side, losing weight or exercising regularly — and you’re finding it’s taking longer than you thought…

That’s okay.

It doesn’t happen overnight!

Not the good stuff, anyway 😉

The stuff that makes you feel proud and alive and gives you purpose.

That stuff takes time.

So if you’re thinking:

Well, it’s really taking longer than I thought, and I thought I would be at such-and-such a level by now…


It’s okay to be where you’re at.

And it might take you some time.

Isn’t it better to take time on the really important things (learning, growing, building, creating…) than it is to drop them and focus on smaller, easier, trivial things?

Think of the people you admire.

Did they take time to learn their craft… or did they give up because it was taking too long?

Whatever it is you’re working on — personal development, changing your habits, finding a better job…


My admission…

I originally thought I’d set up a life coaching business within three months of finishing my training course.


I thought I’d be earning lots of money from my workshops within 6 months.


And I didn’t realize it would take over a year to start forming great new habits.

But it did — and it has — and I’ve learnt from it.

So I hope this encourages you to do the same.

This is a process, not a destination.

It’s not about racing to the end point; it’s about enjoying the ride (I know that’s such a cliché 🙂 )

But it’s also true.

So take it in…

The projects that are the most important are probably the ones that will take the most time.

Go easy on yourself.

You’re gonna be fine!

There is no deadline on creating or doing awesome things 🙂

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