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November 19, 2019 — New Android & Apple App to Map your Salesforce Records.

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Fairfield, NJ — In 2013, Vision-e released its top-rated mapping solution for Salesforce. When you visualize your Accounts, Contacts, or Leads graphically and geographically, you bring your data to life to drive up to 75% more activities for your sales team.

Today, Vision-e is pleased to announce its mobile counterpart, Maps by Vision-e, available in the Google Play and Apple App Store!

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Available for both Apple iOS and Android Devices

Maps by Vision-e is an intuitive Salesforce mobile mapping solution without all the bells & whistles and without a premium price. Our mobile-first technology is powered by Google Maps for Business designed to help field reps visit more accounts for more opportunities to win more revenue.

Our customers use the power of our Mapping solution to drive results at the speed of business while enabling some of the following key benefits:

Map your Records

Our worldwide premium geocoding service maps your Accounts, Contact and Lead records by simply accessing List Views you’ve created already within Salesforce.

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Find Nearby Accounts

Click the Location icon within our mobile mapping app to find focus around your current location and surrounding records to visit on-the-fly.

Plan your Day

Create, Save and optimize planned trips for up to 10 Contacts, Leads or Accounts right from the palm of your hands.

Send to Google Maps

After visualizing your focus points for the day, with Maps by Vision-e, users will be able to enhance and optimize their territory grip through optimized traveling routes, whether on-the-go or by accessing saved trips for the next few days, using the Trip Planner.

Once you’ve built each trip, incorporate the power and accuracy of Google Maps’ turn-by-turn GPS routing capabilities right from your map(s) allowing you to focus on your meetings ahead while we get you there safely.

Open in Salesforce

Before arriving to your next appointment, maybe you’d like to confirm your meeting is still on or perhaps you want to Send an Email or log a Note within Salesforce.

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Image (above) shows a live representation of the Info Window.

With the application’s Info Window, user will be able to flawlessly navigate between their created or saved maps as well as their daily Salesforce workflows, providing users with a sound execution between both platforms to gather vital information or log essential activities as they occur in real-time.

Professional Services

Are you ready to take your workforce to the next level with Maps by Vision-e?

Contact our Support Help Desk now at or call today at (888) 611–2679 to speak with a live representative on next steps.

About Us

Vision-e, a leading ISV Partner, is a premier provider of Salesforce implementation, optimization and cloud computing technologies. From one-of-a-kind business productivity applications to on-demand customized services, Vision-e helps companies of all sizes and budgets streamline their Salesforce organizations to become more productive, effective and profitable.

Vision-e studies and explores business processes to provide unique solutions that tailor fit each client.

Visit or contact us at (888) 611-2679 for more information.

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