Why Doesn’t Western Medicine Turn Me On?
Hunter “Toto” Maats

Medical culture is just part of the problem. Medical Insurance and the Pharmaceutical Industry are the other elements. How is it we are in 2017 and a doctor can’t prescribe soap, or certain foods, or effective herbal remedies? Why are our eyes and teeth considered “non-essential?” How on Earth do people continue to pay more but get seen less? How can doctors justify prescribing anything to a patient they get 20 minutes with? Isn’t that worse than self-diagnosis and self-medication? What about costs? In what other situation can you refuse to show a customer the cost of your services and consumables until after the fact? These are many questions with no satisfactory justifications. Medicine in America needs a fundamental reform, in its services, its methods, and the entitlement to “affordable healthcare for everyone” needs to be re-examined.