2016 GOP Convention- Trump’s Party?!

Plagiarism, party infighting, washed up celebrities and anger- the The 2016 Republican National Convention (RNC) is history. It was quite a few days, and I would like to offer my thoughts.
1. I thought there would be serious problems with protesters reminiscent of the 1968 Republican and Democrat conventions. It was a pleasant surprise to see no such issues. Law enforcement did a terrific job. No wonder the RNC made law and order a focal point on day 1.
2. Peter Thiel’s speech at the RNC may alter party policy. Can you imagine him saying “I am proud to be gay” at any time in the past? The Republicans are the party of the Moral Majority, so this is huge. While the official party platform reaffirms the GOP’s support for traditional marriage, I think Thiel’s speech could be the beginning of a new era. Thiel advised the Republicans to abandon the culture wars, which have not been going well for them anyway. If the Republicans pursue this course of action, the GOP becomes a party far more appealing to younger votes and obviously to the LGBT community. I have a feeling Thiel unleashed historical change.
3. Donald Trump’s speech did not ‘wow’ me like Thiel’s did. Trump was very excited and disciplined, Party elites should be pleased with his performance but I saw it as a rehash of what he has been saying during the campaign. I wish he would have limited the bashing of Hillary Clinton. Instead, he could have elaborated on his ideas in precise detail. The anger in the room was palpable, and I hope Trump directs the anger constructively.
4. Ted Cruz either sealed his political fate or is poised for future success with his non-endorsement of Trump. If Trump loses, I think the move will pay dividends. I give him major credit for basically giving the political finger to a rival’s supporters to their faces. Cruz is a snake and a Machiavellian politician, but I admire his guts. The environment quickly became hostile but he did not budge. Keep an eye (or two) on the Texas Senator.
5. The Melania Trump plagiarism fiasco was seriously bizarre. To recap, there were a couple of very, very similar paragraphs between Mrs. Trump’s speech and Michelle Obama’s from 2008 Democratic National Convention. The way the Trump campaign responded to the incident made me think it was either a really amateur mistake or intentionally done to distract the media and gain additional free air time. I think the Trump campaign should have acknowledged a mistake and moved on. However, conventional political wisdom has rarely been followed during this campaign.
There are my thoughts on the RNC convention. Expect another blog post about the DNC! Thank you so much for reading. Please like, share or comment if you would be so kind.

Originally published at theprimacyofpolitics.blogspot.com on July 24, 2016.