Is Politics Full of Screaming Jerks?!

“How can you support such a douchebag?!”
 “How can you vote for such a lying, cheating, evil person?!”
 “You are so defriended!”
 “Yeah, well you are so blocked!”
 Have you had conversations like these regarding politics? Two people, who upon the mention of something political, suddenly unleashed their inner fire breathing dragons and became the legendary serpents Smaug and Alduin? Believe me, I have been there. More times than I can count, I have engaged in similar political discussions. Although I know a fair amount, I have been called “clueless” and “stupid” multiple times. Ultimately, I have realized that such behavior is an inevitable and semi-healthy part of politics. Many individuals really think their political views are what is best for their locality, state and country. Consequently, someone with different views does not make sense to them.
 Let me say this now: you will have discussions with nasty hydras in the future. However, you can drastically reduce the number by several steps. Contrary to what the media suggests, you don’t have to be a screaming, one-sided extrovert to make a political impact. If you don’t feel comfortable arguing about politics publicly, you can quietly volunteer for a local cause or party apparatus, become knowledgeable about the issues and be an informed voter! Additionally, since so many people talk and yell, we need more listeners. Feel free to listen to what the opposing side says without changing what you think or attempting to convert them. Finally, remember that progress does not always come easily in politics. Consider the woman’s suffrage movement, which began in 1848 and achieved major success in 1920 when the 19th amendment was ratified. The journey continues for political equality between men and women in America, but there have been notable advances. Don’t be discouraged, be patient and you will succeed in politics.
 If you only do one thing, simply promise me and yourself you won’t become another blaze-inducing wyvern dedicated to the destruction of all political viewpoints with which you disagree! Feel free to comment about this post and the reasons why you are afraid to engage politically in the comments section.
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Originally published at on June 11, 2016.

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