Brooklands Museum with Toddler

One of the things that we discovered about our little boy this Christmas was a passionate love of cars.

Previously he had been happy to play with toy cars but showed no special interest above any other toy.

That all changed on Christmas Day.

As we unwrapped one of his gifts from his grandparents – before the paper was even off – he suddenly jumped up with excitement and started shouting repeatedly the word “car!!”

In fact it was “car car car car car car caaaarr!”

So this New Year’s Day we decided that the best place to take a car mad toddler was Brooklands Museum.

This a great local place in Weybridge, Surrey with a lot of history all of its own ( but what you can be guaranteed to find there are lots of vehicles – buses, planes, cars and more!


When to Visit and How

The Museum is open pretty much year round, and is easiest to access by car, although the train station is about a mile away and buses do run nearby.

When we arrived the overflow car parks were already in use but the walk to the museum is by good tarmac footpaths.

There were plenty of people around but getting a ticket on the door was quick.

What there is to see (that might interest a toddler)

The good thing about Brooklands Museum is that there is plenty of things to see indoors if the weather isn’t great.

Our favourite has to be the London Bus Museum which starts with horse drawn carriages and ends up with a bus that the little ones are encouraged to drive themselves.

There are also some great outdoors exhibits to explore – the planes are amazing and Concorde is the jewel in the crown. You can even go inside some of the planes which my boy loved.

Photo: Paul Thomson

Plus there is virtually no traffic so it isn’t too stressful if your toddler is prone to dashing off whilst shouting “caaaar!”

In addition there is a good cafe with a small soft play area tucked into one corner. The museum also have kids activities scheduled so check out their events calendar to see what is coming up. I think we’ll try some out when our son is older.

You can easily spend a morning or afternoon wandering around the Museum. We had a great time and I wanted to share our experience.

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