Are You Man Enough to Be Honest About Your Intentions?

Gents — it’s been brought up to my attention via the ProductiveGents Snapchat that women think we’re not being honest with our intentions. This isn’t new when it comes to dating because men have been playing this role for generations. Maybe the behavior continues because the first group of guys (uncles, brothers, friends…) that we interact with provide the first definition of what a man is. We see what they do, laugh at the “guy talk”, and mimic their behavior when we enter our own relationships. Because we’re’ young an impressionable, we’re unaware that this initial group of men might not be the best “men” for the job. Shit — maybe they aren’t men at all. I mean a dick in your pants technically makes you a male… but you’re character and morals determines whether or not you get the real title.

I consider myself a man’s man. I like sports, drink bourbon neat, and enjoy the company of women. Guess what? None of that shit makes me a “man”. I’ve been raised around a gang of women during my upbringing, and I credit that for helping me become a well rounded man. I’ve been lucky enough to see it from the female perspective and I’m empathetic to the shit they have to go through.

In my eyes a man puts the bigger things in life before him. He is humble, honest, and won’t undermine someone when trying to achieve his goals. What does this have to do with women and dating? Everything! A bunch of you guys are dating like crooks and not like gentlemen. You’re not being honest about your intentions. You’re undermining the women that you’re trying to bed and/or using as a stop gap because you’re focused on your own interests. You’re robbing them of their emotions when it comes to sex and slowing down their pace in life if you’re using them as a stop gap. Yet, you’re the same dude who gets pissed if he’s used at work or gets passed over for a promotion in favor of another coworker.

It’s time to start dating like men. We might not want a committed relationship as our intentions might be purely physical, but you can choose to be honest. She might not be down and you might lose her completely, but as stated earlier — men put the bigger things in life before them. Let the girl decide if she’s into what you’re looking for, but don’t undermine or trick her by fucking with her emotions. That just makes you a male and not a man.

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