RE: Operation Kill The Carbs or Kill The Calories?

The amount of carbs you consume has very little to do with how much weight you gain or lose. Low-carb dieting has become the go-to solution for weight loss, but there’s little scientific evidence to support this. Fat loss comes down to energy balance — total calories in versus total calories out.

The reason people typically see quick weight loss when they reduce their carbohydrates is due to water retention and glycogen. Both of which have no bearing on actual fat loss.

If you’re competing in a sport where you have a specific weight class you have to drop weight for, cutting carbs can assist you in losing a few pounds relatively quickly.

For everyone else looking to make a permanent change to their body and lose fat, cutting carbs will only assist you if those carbs put you in a calorie deficit. It’s not the carbs that are causing the weight loss, but the decrease in your total calories.

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