Winter Storm Jonas — How We All F**cked The Delivery Guy

So we recently had a shit ton of snow dumped on us by the disgruntled Jonas brother. While the majority of us were at home getting comfortable with our lady or remote control… we unconsciously screwed over a bunch of delivery guys. Here’s how…

As we sat there pondering which movie to watch and casually clicked “check out” on Seamless,, or another super convenient food delivery service, we totally forgot about the real people who were out there braving the elements to bring us our favorite pizza.

Yes, we know that some of you are assholes who automatically thought, “That’s their job, and they chose to do it”, and if that’s the unsympathetic gent that you are then this post isn’t for you. So do yourself a favor and click the little “X” on the tab and come back tomorrow. However, if you’re the type of guy that shows some gratitude towards the people of the service industry, who likely encounter assholes day in and day out, then I think we can agree that we need to do better.

On a normal day, if the service is proper, the standard 20% tip with an occasional thank you will do, but on a day when they are risking their safety and personal property (vehicle, bike, etc…) we can afford to pony up a few more bucks.

Here’s a snippet from an article in the NY Post that inspired me to write this article:

“My mission: Pick up an order of chips, guacamole and a grande quesadilla and deliver it to a banker at Morgan Stanley.The gusts whipped my cheeks raw as we turned the corner to Blockheads restaurant on 50th Street and Ninth Avenue to pick up the food. A grueling 10 minutes later, I arrived at my destination: the storied investment bank’s world headquarters on Broadway and 48th.I called up the customer. “I’ll be right down,” he said. I dismounted the bicycle, tore off my goggles and tried to shake off the icicles matting my hair before entering the skyscraper’s marble lobby. The customer kept me waiting for eight long minutes — about the same amount of time it took for my harrowing journey through the storm. “Is it cold out there?” he asked me, while signing the bill on my iPhone. He handed the phone back and told me to “be careful” and walked away.

The bill was $25.53 total. He had tipped me $1.75.”

He tipped her a whopping 7%.

I’ve never been in food biz but I know that this type of stuff happens on the daily but mid-blizzard?!?!? C’mon Mr. Banker, you’re better than that.

We all need to be well aware by now that the standard tip for the service industry is 20% and during a treacherous blizzard that should bump up to the 40%-50% range. If you don’t agree, put your boots on and walk to pick up your $15 pizza or don’t order at all.

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