Are you in Love with your Ex? How to Finally Get Closure

Are you still in love with your ex? I was asked if I was over my ex-boyfriend when politely and tactfully asked. His actions and comments might indicate otherwise. Without making a conscious effort, feelings naturally surface through words and actions.

How to know if you are still in love with your Ex

Maybe they were together for years before she initiated the split. Maybe he was deeply in love and never recovered from the loss. Either way, his inability to completely move on will eventually ruin the relationship.

Even if his ex is no longer in the picture, he might not be able to forget. Consider the following five signs that you are still in love with your ex. You must decide for yourself if the relationship is worth pursuing or if it the past will ruin any future that you had.

Sentimental Gifts from his Ex

Many people keep greeting cards, notes and gifts from the past as reminders of holidays, celebrations and people. They typically keep them in a bedroom drawer or a special storage box. When looking for signs that a guy is not over his ex, consider the types of mementos that he saved over the years.

A person who has moved beyond a breakup does not typically keep cards, penknives, ID bracelets and other sentimental gifts from an ex-wife or partner. They want to forget about the failed relationship by getting rid of physical reminders, especially if are no longer important or useful.

Old Memories Seem More Important Than Making New Ones

Happy couples want to create lasting memories. They try to visit new and exciting places instead of dwelling on the past. One of the signs that you are still in love with your ex.

When a guy cannot seem to talk about anything other than the past with his ex, a new relationship will never work.

Ex-talk becomes old real fast, and it is particularly troubling when it happens often, especially in front of friends and family members. It makes the current significant other feel far less significant.

Frequently Expresses Anger, Sadness, and Regret

The best thing about the past is that it shows you what not to bring into the future. Click To Tweet

When searching for signs that a guy is not over his ex, you should not have to look very hard if a problem exists. Those who cannot seem to get over their ex-girlfriend or wife express anger, sadness and/or regret whenever they are faced with reminders.

It might be a scene in a movie or a comment about a friend. They rob themselves and others around them of happiness and contentment. When a guy mentally lives in the past, he will not make a connection to anything in the present.

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The Psychology of Pronouns

It is easy to figure out how a person feels about themselves and others when considering their choice of words. For example, when a guy only uses the word we when referencing himself and his ex, he feels closer to his past than he does to the present.

Your man that references his ex-girlfriend or wife as if she were still attached to his hip is displaying signs that he is not over her yet.

When asked why he never says we in reference to you and him, chances are he did not even realize what he was saying. However, word choices are more than just habit. In some cases, they can reveal how a person really feels.

Will or Will Not Commit

One of the major signs that a guy is not over his ex is an unwillingness to commit. He might be gun-shy because he was hurt in the last relationship, but it could be something else.

When considering the aforementioned signs, he might be leaving the door open for his ex to return. His heart might not be able to commit to anyone else, especially if it is broken.

Don’t be Afraid to Show your Emotions

However, you should not attempt mind reading or fortune telling. If you value the relationship, kindly communicate your feelings. Give him a chance to discuss any issues and concerns.

Suggest that he seeks professional counseling as well. If he is willing to get help to save your relationship, than he cares more for you than you ever realized. He just needed someone who cared enough to ask.

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