Ready to Launch?

Go through the Publication Launch Checklist one last time

Whether you’ve created a new site or migrated over your old site, you’re almost ready to go live on Medium. To cross your virtual t’s and dot your virtual i’s, here is a list of final steps to make sure you’ve done before publicly launching.

1. Publication Settings

  • Upload a favicon in publication settings.
  • Write a description in your publication’s about page.
  • Coordinate with Medium on a time to uncloak the publication.

2. Publishing Workflow

3. Promotion Plan

  • Create an announcement post.
  • Select your favorite story to submit for curation consideration.
  • Connect Twitter to the publication’s about page to ingest followers.
  • Have social media posts and/or a newsletter ready to announce, if applicable.

4. Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Distribution

5. Launch

  • Coordinate with your publisher strategist for a time to uncloak and launch the publication.
  • Roll out your promotion plan.
  • Congratulations, you’re live on Medium!


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