Having moved quite a bit further in the development of my little workout app I have realized that I quite like the freedom that Angular on top of Rails has given me. I am able to do some fun things like pull multiple resources into a view without having to nest them, and the instant update ability that Angular gives me is nice, if not frustrating the rest of the time.

I will say that I ran into huge road blocks with routing. I could not, for the life of me, wrap my head around how I was going to get all the routing working. It just wasn’t clicking. I ended up trying a couple different solutions before settling on Angular-Rails-Resource gem. I was using the built in $http previously, and having no luck getting it to do what I wanted to I moved onto the dependency ngResource, that is part of Angular itself, but you have to inject it. …

This is the first post in a series of posts that will be chronicling my journey thru an independent study in which I have tasked myself with creating two Web applications that are both classic web apps as well as mobile apps that can be installed.

None of these posts will be tutorials, so if you happen to find this, and you are looking for help with AngularJS or Rails then you will be disappointed. I do plan on making tutorials for AngularJS, Rails, and using both together, but that will be at a much later date.

A quick description of the app I plan to make: I have always had trouble working out. It’s boring and it’s tedious, but I know that it is necessary for me to live a healthy life. Especially since I do a lot of sitting at a computer doing computer-y things. I have bought exercise equipment, and I have even set up a small gym in my garage, but one of the biggest road blocks I face, outside of motivation, is knowing what exercises to do, and knowing enough to fill a full workout. So this app aims to solve that need for me by letting me randomly generate workout routines of varying lengths to simplify the process of working out for me. …

Ugh…so I just got engaged.

Not to be misconstrued, I am incredibly happy! The perceived distress in the above statement is not because of the impending ball and chain, but more because I am 31, working two dead end jobs to make full time hours, incredibly broke, and on my last leg of schooling before receiving my golden piece of useless paper that tells me the last four years and two higher education institutions of hair loss has not been a waste of time.

Mild history lesson. I want to be a musician. I want to be an artist. Neither of those passions tend to pay the bills well, or at all (for the majority at least). So after spending a long time painfully learning what that last sentence meant, I headed off to higher education to get a “real job”. I decided I wanted to work in the Web Development field…’cause computers were the only thing I was comfortable talking to thru most of my formative years. …


Chris Stehm

I am an artist, musician, developer, engineer, and learner of life!

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