On Furrydelphia’s banning of… #AltFurry sorta?

I am the leader of the #AltFurry movement. As such, this role comes with certain… responsibilities. One of them is that I am tasked with writing formal responses to things that address the #AltFurry movement.

I noticed the following tweet made by the @Furrydelphia twitter account, managed by their chairman, @drayne_the_wolf.

dis gon b good

As I have stated in the past, one of my goals for the #AltFurry movement has been to get a con to explicitly ban #AltFurry by name. As you can see in this tweet from April:

And this tweet from July:

I was looking forward to this! Finally, my dreams would be realized! My mini-goal would be met! Hail victory! Hail our people! Hail #AltFurry!

… and then Furrydelphia released this statement.

Click here for a full-size mirror.

Notice something missing? They refer to “these individuals” and “individuals or groups”… but don’t name any ACTUAL individuals or groups. This is a travesty! This is milquetoast and pathetic! This is sad! It’s half-hearted, a partial measure, an incomplete solution, this does not go far enough!

As leader of the #AltFurry (I took over during a bloodless coup), I demand a proper disavowal from Furrydelphia. Your statement is meaningless unless you actually point fingers and name names! C’mon now, I’ve worked HARD at cultivating this bad reputation, throw me a bone here, okay?