And now, open your eyes and see what we have made is real

This past year has been an interesting one for AltFurry. The hashtag has brought many furries together and created a lively community. The LeftistFurs drama has slowed down recently, and I would like to propose some ideas moving forward.

The Events Thus Far

AltFurry was started as a shitposting hashtag on Twitter by a panda friend who wanted to track the intersection of the furry fandom with right wing thought. Communities interested in non-PC furry chatter already existed, however, with several DM groups having been formed from a “Follow Friday” on Twitter. From there, an experiment was performed: In the…

As proclaimed by Pooka and Wolf, with editing assistance by Midnight Blaze

As leader of #AltFurry I have taken a very hands-off approach. I do not tell people what their jobs are. I don’t delegate duties. I don’t even tell the various community moderators how I think it is best to run things. I refuse to take a side in the various internecine conflicts. And I certainly don’t try to police people’s speech. However, I WILL provide direction when it is needed, like it is now.

People have often asked us what our goals for Alt-Furry are, so I’ve decided…

I am the leader of the #AltFurry movement. As such, this role comes with certain… responsibilities. One of them is that I am tasked with writing formal responses to things that address the #AltFurry movement.

I noticed the following tweet made by the @Furrydelphia twitter account, managed by their chairman, @drayne_the_wolf.

dis gon b good

As I have stated in the past, one of my goals for the #AltFurry movement has been to get a con to explicitly ban #AltFurry by name. As you can see in this tweet from April:

And this tweet from July:

I was…

I had front row seats to this Theater of Mass Destruction.

For six months, I could not sleep. Insomnia has a way of making everything bizarre, unreal, like a nightmare. My office job became more and more unfulfilling as my coworkers and their personalities faded into obscurity, becoming uninteresting, abstract clones of each other. My nurse practitioner refused to prescribe me anything, as by her assessment, only good natural sleep would aid my condition. So I began to self-medicate.

Consumerism became my drug. Made all too easy by the conveniences of modern life. Amazon, eBay, Etsy, they became my daily routine after exiting the confines of my dull white cubicle walls…

“With the gaming media Establishment being Broken what we need isn’t awards, we need a Hall of Shame.” — Christi Junior

Airplay 3 was a phenomenal success, despite numerous attempts to shut it down by bad actors such as the well known trolling and harassing subreddit called KotakuInAction, and the mischievous Mexican mouse Speedy Gonzales. After succeeding 100% in the very ambitious goal of continuing the conversation, I decided to speak with the DDM/BurgersAndFries/GGRevolt trilateral commission about the possibility of establishing a set of awards for video game industry practices. …

That D△mn Pooka

#AltFurry leader and press contact. Triangle Mafia’s token pooka. I make videos with @Azu_Rayn. Avatar by @PantyGremlin

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