Why is hiring broken? It starts at the whiteboard.
Quincy Larson

Really good engineers need to start getting up and walking out of these types of interviews. You should never be that desperate for a job to allow yourself to go through that level of humiliation. I’ll take a coder that has numerous Open Source projects and real world development experience over someone that can spout off hundreds of algorithms from memory and scribble them on a whiteboard! (This coming from a algorithm nut). This is exactly why software is so F***’ed up at these companies. Because you hired a bunch of whiteboard coders that can’t simplify a real world problem and solve it with their own creativity and ingenuity. To all my fellow engineers hear me…., DON’T LET THEM TREAT YOU LIKE THIS!!! HAVE SOME SELF RESPECT. WALK OUT ON THESE TYPES OF COMPANIES!!!

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