How to get benefit from TheQuickPay

A Unique Payment Processing Solution

Innovation in Payment Processing — TheQuickPay

TheQuickPay is a new online payment processing software for getting paid anywhere, anytime through email, SMS or website in 3 easy steps. Simply type in customer email or mobile number and send it to through to get paid instantly. The customer receives the payment link and types in the payment card details to complete the payment.
 No registration! No Unnecessary Details! Create the Link and Receive the Payment! Simples.

Whether you run a business or collect donations for your charity. TheQuickPay is the way forward for simple online payments collection.
 TheQuickPay can help you if you are an Accountant, solicitor, health care practitioner, restaurant owner, newspaper agent, taxi driver or cab operator. With TheQuickPay, there is no need for Card Machine or Paypal account. You just need a customer and payment link to get paid!
 Charities can run fund-raising campaigns by creating multiple links and receive instant donations online. Payment link can be shared on social media or on charity website or even through emails. You can also track the progress and manage campaigns from a history tab.
 Payment button on ‘TheQuickPay’ will allow your payee to pay one-off payment or set recurring payments weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.
 TheQuickPay is absolutely Free Pay as you go platform. You just pay a small and fixed commission charge against the receipt of payment. TheQuickPay is cloud-based software which can be accessed anywhere and doesn’t require a download.
 So, Sign up For your Free Account Today and Start Receiving Payments in just a few clicks.