TheQuickPay: A Unique Solution of Getting Paid

TheQuickPay is available now for Free signup to collect payment and donation via a link, in just a few clicks!

Just create a link, send it via SMS or Email to your client. Your client types into details, and you got paid! Simples.

We @TheQuickPay take pride for its successful launch on 15th of May, 2017 in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

TheQuickPay is available for free signup in 23 countries including most European and Non-European countries.

Businesses, Self-employed people, NGOs, profit & non-profit making organisations can get benefits from its exceptional features to collect
payment and donations.

TheQuickPay software allows to generate a payment link to get paid! Through this link, the payee can make a payment just types into details. No card reader, PayPal account or bank application is required.

Also, organisations can create a universal link to publish or share in social media to raise donations. Charities and political parties can create a donation button simply embedding this link on the website.

TheQuickPay is the great way to collect payment from anywhere, anytime and additionally track the payment status, resend the reminder or
view the cash flow.

TheQuickPay is absolutely Free Pay As You Go platform. You just pay a small and fixed commission charge against the receipt of payment.
So, sign up for your Free Account Today and Start Receiving Payments in just a few clicks.

Please visit or
View our short video


If you require any information regarding our software, please feel free to contact us at
Phone: 0121–769–2945

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