Simon and Marcy, a beautiful and tragic relationship

Simon and Marcy is one of my all time favorite episodes of Adventure Time. It touched me inside because of how amazing its plot was. It shows the story of how Simon Petrikov (now Ice King) first met Marceline a thousand years back.

Alone and sad around the ruins brought by the Mushroom War, A little Marceline was crying, for she was left lonely, but a Simon carrying the crown saw and comforted her and gave her a stuffed toy whom she named Hambo. The two quickly became friends and bonded, but when mutated monsters came to attack them, Simon had no choice but to put on the crown and use its ice powers which turned him insane, and he only snapped out of it when the crown was off his head.

A thousand years later, Ice King and Marceline’s connection with each other is still a strong friendship and their unique and unforgettable story is what makes their relationship special. Simon and Marcy is one of Adventure Time’s greatest episodes that affected the way how we see and view these two unique characters.