The influence of Rigby in one’s personality

Rigby from Regular Show is regarded as one of the most praisable and paradigmatic animated characters to have been created. His role in the famous Cartoon Network hit has made a huge impact not only in the show’s story, but also in the outside real world. His complex ego, his funny and zany personality has touched and even influenced the minds of hundred of thousands of animation fans.

Rigby an Eileen’s sweet relationship

In the show, Rigby is seen as crazy, wild, hysterical and at times lazy and irresponsible worker at the park, but despite these cons in his personality, the bright side of his ego prevails. He always cares for his friends and helps them out in their problems even in the midst of danger. In spite his laziness, he still has a lot of responsibility and will to do hardwork. He also does his best when it comes to love. Rigby’s relationship with Eileen is undeniably sweet and sincere.


Rigby is also a good gamer with Mordecai, a master at arcade and video games. This part of his personality influences one to have a huge interest in playing virtual games and competition.

I myself, have a lot in common with Rigby in terms of his personality and thinking, both negative and positive. Rigby has been my favorite character in the show and he has helped me deal with real life issues and how to handle problems independently. His positive influence among so many fans of the show is indeed remarkable. We are glad Regular Show was created and existed to greatly entertain everyone in the globe, and it will forever be remembered as one of the most iconic mainstream shows in history.