Everything That’s Wrong With Twitter

Everything I hate about the free website where I’ve willingly spent the last seven years of my life.

  1. Nazis

Let’s get the website’s biggest problem out of the way: Twitter is overrun with nazis and is terrible at addressing it. I’ve personally received more than one @ reply from someone saying they want to “put me in an oven” and that’s one too many.

2. Image Posting

It’s 2017 and I can’t preview a tweet with an image before posting, or better yet, have the ability to adjust how the image will appear in the tweet when it’s posted.

3. Men I Don’t Know @ Replying My Dirty Tweets

I want to tweet about getting creampied in peace without having Ron from Tulsa saying he’ll eat my pussy.

4. Deleting Tweets

Why the fuck does my tweet still appear in the fucking timeline like an hour after I’ve deleted it?

5. Donald Trump

He’s going to get us killed.

6. Tweets Other People Liked

I don’t care who liked a tweet from someone I don’t even follow. Sometimes I’d rather not know.

7. Scott Conant Blocked Me


8. Sensitive Tweets

So the Nazis are ok but half of my tweets are deemed “too sensitve” for some users? No one even knows how to change this setting!

9. 280 Characters

Why. I thought that’s what “Thread!” was for.

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