A passion for what we do has foundations from the things we like to remember the most.

Sunsets on the water are memories we can relive everyday.

Now that I am in my mid thirties and a father of a 2yr and 4yr old I continue to think back to the the days in which I was my children's age. I try to imagine if I could remember when I was 4 and what type of first memories I can recall. For me my early memories are full of emotion and contain powerful colorful scenes. One of which was a time with I was 4 and I spent a weekend on my grandfather’s Gibson Houseboat. I remember sitting near the bow of the boat feeling the warm summer wind whoosh by and the boat charging over the water towards a golden emblazoned sunset. The feeling I get from the memory returns every time I step foot on my own boat. I am grateful for the fact that I can share that exact same memory with my child, because sunsets like that one never really change.

My passion for what I do is driven by a childhood memory and it’s warm and never changing.