The Knicks Wall Roundtable: Should the Knicks Trade Carmelo Anthony?
Ryan Punzalan

I like Carmelo too. But, if he is really unsatisfied by the overall success of the Knicks, then he is one of the most shortsighted players in the NBA.

He made Denver to trade him to New York. He wanted to win and advance further into the playoffs than he felt his Nuggets teams were able to do I guess? By forcing a trade with the Knicks, he made the team give up meaningful assets and hurt the future of his (soon-to-be) new team. Gallinari is the Nuggets best player when healthy, Wilson Chandler is a great 4th man on a good team, and Koufos/Moz are decent centers.

Didn’t he buy a business center that didn’t house any businesses for a year or two?

Why did he resign with the Knicks when there were more obvious contenders out there if he would just sign for a little less money? Houston and Chicago were both close and much more prepared to contend. Instead he took the biggest paycheck in a great city and decided that is what he valued more.

Carmelo cannot have it both ways here.

Now he is unhappy with how well the Knicks are doing and he is perpetuating the stigma of his shortsightedness. If he wants to win and feels like the Knicks aren’t going to contend in the next few years, then he should waive his no-trade clause. But then he also has to consider that the team he will be going to is likely going to have to give up meaningful assets (just like the Knicks did when they acquired him).

If only he could redo the last FA period.

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