Why The Sacramento Kings Are Better Than…The Phoenix Suns

This could be fun.

I was looking on Medium for the NBA presence that I expected to see (it is such a Twitter-centric sport, after all) and I found your article. As a Suns fan, I was wondering what you thought of your predictions as the season starts to wind down.

First of all, you picked a great subject for your series. Playoff spots 6–11 were in such flux at the start of the season that these were all questions that the NBA world was pondering.

I agree with your opinion on the guards. Now that Booker is emerging for the Suns, I am hoping that Knight ends up traded in the offseason. McLemore has been a big disappointment and some are predicting Rondo bolting in free agency this year. Bledsoe is a massive question mark for the future. His defense is top-notch, but his health keeps him from being a top tier PG.

I am not a PJ Tucker fan either and I really hope that he is traded/supplanted by TJ Warren when he recovers from his season ending injury. Rudy is a better player but his WinShares/$ isn’t great. Lets combine the 3–4 spots here and leave Boogie at the 5 where he should be. I think Rudy and Casspi is better than PJ and a shooter (Teletovic, Luer, and small ball PJ). Center is a clear win for the Kings. Len hasn’t developed like the Suns have needed him to and Tyson is well… A good veteran presence and a neutral factor on the court for a bad team.

Overall, from the team perspectives, I think that it is a wash. The Suns were decimated by injuries and an insurgent Markieff Morris. The Kings were too distracted with everything off court to feel like they were building a legitimate playoff team. Both are looking like the current team models (and coaches) need to be scrapped and built up to compete in the late 20-teens.

What are your thoughts? Are you going to do a wrap-up piece to discuss your hits and misses?

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