I wrote this back in 2015, a little over two years ago. In it, I discussed some of my early exposure to organized feminism and how I came to believe it is a movement that largely harms Western society. I’ve undergone some political evolution even since the writing of this post, but I think it still stands up pretty well.

People often ask me about how I came to be anti-SJW, anti-feminist, or whatever you want to call it. The story is kinda long, so I usually don’t get into it. But I was thinking of column ideas for today…

Richmond, Virgina

I think I’m going to start off the reprints with some entries from TheRalphRetort.com that are a little offbeat from my normal fare. I.e. stuff that I’m proud of and had fun writing, but maybe didn’t get as much play because of their tone or content.

This one is from almost a year ago to the day: March 20th, 2016. Given all that’s happened to me since then, it feels like at least five years ago.

This post has nothing to do with any of my regular topics, but it’s my site and I wanted to tell you a story…

Yes, I still have that site. Feel free to visit it now!

Recently, I noticed Mike Cernovich has been putting some stories over here. I’m not sure if I want to do that yet, simply because providing this site with a lot content when they don’t have a revenue sharing stream seems like a dubious play. But if Cerno is here, then he must be onto something.

He usually is.

I will say, I like the layout a lot. I’ve never actually messed with the backend part of this site, although I have read plenty of stories here in the past. One thing that I found curious was that I already had…

Ethan Ralph of TheRalphRetort.com

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