The Magic Tree — Episode 1

One day, a boy called John went to the forest to bring some blueberries. He couldn’t find blueberries, but he found a big tree with eyes, a nose and a mouth.

Suddenly the tree said, “Hello”.

John was surprised, “W-w-w who are you?”

The tree replied, “I’m the magic tree and I can give you wishes”

“How???” asked John.

“Because I have a sprite”, replied the tree.

John said, “Wow !!!.”

Then the tree gave him three wishes. John said thank you to the magic tree and went to his work again. Next he met an old woodcutter who was cutting a massive tree. The woodcutter asked John to help him to carry his log. So, John stopped and picked the log. When John was carrying the log, the woodcutter vanished into the thick air. John was confused. He didn’t know where to go with the log. So, John decided to go to north.

Suddenly, the wood cutter appeared when John is going to north. Wood cutter turned into a witch and grabbed John. John screamed for help, but the witch gave him a toffee. John fell into a sleep immediately and witch took him to her cottage.

Drawing by Thesath Ransithu (August 2021)

To be Continued….