Once upon a time, there was an island which is full people. They didn’t obey the orders of the gods. So the gods were very angry and used all their magic to create a demon. The demon was called as “Troll”.

When Troll appeared in the sea, the sailors were…

Once upon a time, there lived a caterpillar in a tree. It was very hungry. So it ate some leaves, but it wasn’t enough. It crawled on grass and ate an apple, but it wasn’t enough either. It crawled and crawled, and climbed on a table. Caterpillar saw a world of food there. It wanted to eat everything on the table.

One day, A mermaid called Loralai was playing hide and seek with her favorite friend Bumpy the Dolphin. Bumpy went near the shore and was caught by a fisherman. Bumpy yelled for help. Loralai heard the yell of Bumpy. She had an idea. So she called some crabs and lobsters…

John woke up and saw the witch. She was stirring a big pot filled with magic potion. John hid behind a pot in the cottage and listened what the witch was saying. The witch was slowly saying the magic words — “Give me the spirit of Evil”.

After the witch…

One day, a boy called John went to the forest to bring some blueberries. He couldn’t find blueberries, but he found a big tree with eyes, a nose and a mouth.

Suddenly the tree said, “Hello”.

John was surprised, “W-w-w who are you?”

The tree replied, “I’m the magic tree…

Ryan, Lili, Mom and Dad went a camping trip to Yala jungle. They watched leopards, birds and other animals. When it was dark, they set up the tent. Everybody collected firewood sticks and leaves for the bonfire. They were hungry. Mom and Dad prepared the barbecue and cooked chicken and sausages.

Ryan: Father, Father, there’s somebody behind the bushes.

Father: Yes, yes. I see it.

Mother: Oh my god! That’s a bear.

Lili: It is coming for our chicken and sausages.

Mother: Yes! What should we do now?

Father: We should make the bonfire bigger.

Ryan: Look, it ran away.

Lili: Look, the barbecue is on fire.

Mother: Oh! The barbecue is burnt.

Lili: We will be starving

Mother: Don’t worry, we have biscuits.

Ryan: I thought there was nothing left

Mother: Except biscuits.

Father: We will never forget this trip.

Thesath Ransithu

Still too little to be described

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