General Manager, Heidi Adkins

  1. Where are you from, and why did you move to the area?

I am from San Fernando Valley California however I have lived in Texas for 25 years now. I moved here when I was 14 with my mother who loves Texas.

2. What did you do previous to work at The Range?

I have was a Store Manager at a high volume Starbucks for 7 years, worked at Best buy as a Sales Manager for 3 years and worked at The Home Depot for 7 years running just about every department and was a Operations Manager for several years.

3. What do you like to do for fun?

I enjoy shooting guns, practicing Kendo and I love spending time with my family most of all.

4. What are your goals for The Range?

My goals for The Range overall is to create a world class customer service experience. We are all about guns here and it shows. We will educate you, create a fun atmosphere, and hold ourselves accountable for your safety. The future for The Range will be to have the all of the right guns and accessories available for our shooters. With the right guns, staffing, and knowledge we will create the perfect atmosphere for our customers.

5. If you weren’t working for The Range at Austin, what would your dream career be and why?

I have worked my whole life towards being the absolute best Leader/Manager I can possibly be. I am truly living my dream. I am the kind of person who doesn’t do a job if my heart is not in it. However, If I had my twenties back and a fresh pair of feet I would be a ballet dancer in a heartbeat.

6. What is your favorite thing about working for The Range at Austin?

This must be a two-part answer. I love working with employees to develop their strengths and weaknesses. Growing people is one of my passions in life. Working with this team of people has really been fun and challenging. They are so skilled with guns its infectious. I have shot three different guns so far, and it has totally taken over as an outlet for me. It is stress relieving and truly enjoyable, shooting those guns!

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