The Importance of Training and Education

Jeff Gonzales, Director of Training

I have heard folks say, “find what you love and die doing it”. For me it is passing along my hard earned knowledge and experience to the community at large.

Born to Learn

I frequently get asked why education and training is so important? The answer is complicated and simple at the same time. Any complex series of skills require effort to perform at peak levels. Very few are born to excel, instead many excel because they have taken time to learn and gain knowledge on a subject. It really does separate the pack. Pair that with some natural talent, along with a sprinkling of discipline, and you have a great recipe on your hands. I have seen it countless times in our training classes, and it is a major reason why we continue to do what we do so well.

The Legacy

I have been instructing in the professional community for over thirteen years and in that time we have established ourselves as the elite training school for weapons and tactics. Aside from hard work, how did we accomplish this task? It begins with our experience. Having the honor of coming from Naval Special Warfare (NSW), I have been exposed to many different disciplines with countless man hours expended at perfecting my tradecraft. Next, I took one of our bedrock training principles from NSW, performance standards, and integrated them into every facet of our curriculum. Lastly, my college education is in Workforce Education and Development, so we specialize with the adult learner and curriculum management. All of this contributes to our success and reputation.

Understanding the Why

Why do you need education and training with firearms? There is no doubt that there is evil in this world. Just as there can be no day without a night, there can be no good without evil. More and more people are acknowledging this simple premise. We attract the responsible gun owner, the ones who put a premium on developing confidence and comfort with their skills. Our student base is as broad as our country; we get folks from all different walks of life. Those who must carry a firearm in the performance of their duties, to those who are exercising their constitutional rights, but the group I am proudest of are those who wish to safeguard their family and seek out the means to learn.

The Student Body

This group has slowly become the most popular student in our classes: those who are a first time gun owner and decided they didn’t have the confidence to be comfortable with a firearm in their home or to carry on their body. They have recognized the skill requires training, patience and a willingness to learn. The best students are the ones who have a high level of learning capacity. They absorb the material and see the steady gains in their skill development. Like any new skill, it is not without its frustrations, and even though they may become frustrated with their performance, or lack thereof, they have the commitment to push forward.

Over the years, I have come to regard learning as a lifelong process. We are constantly pushing the envelope on our end, pushing ourselves to not only be the best at our tradecraft, but the best instructors. Our job is to pass our hard earned experience off to you and hands down we do it better than anyone else. We hope you will come and be a part of our fast growing family.

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