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Digital campaigns are no longer what they used to be — it’s time for politicians to adapt.

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Courtesy of AOC on Twitch.

Before this pandemic, politicians substituting speeches on packed convention floors with Twitch streams would’ve seemed most-implausible; and yet, as is AOC’s habit with breaking the mold, she organized a stream with some of gaming’s most-coveted fixtures — as expected and given the young congresswoman’s notoriety among the younger electorate, the stream was a massive hit.

What makes AOC’s entry into the streaming space particularly distinct, is that it wasn’t done without any priors or familiarity with the format whatsoever. She’d appeared on a fundraiser for a trans charity last year, and has been a recurrent guest on Bernie Sanders’ channel prior to the suspension of his presidential campaign — the cachet was already present, and all that was left is for AOC to make her official debut on the website. Soon enough she did, and on Tuesday night, she opened up with Among Us to a whopping 439k concurrent viewers at peak with the stream later settling around the 300k mark, placing it only behind the Drake and Ninja collab in 2018 and Shroud’s return to Twitch stream this August as the third in contention for the most-viewed stream in the platform’s history. …

The show weathered a cancelation on cable TV and lived on to become a pop culture sensation.

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Courtesy of Warner Brothers TV and Netflix.

As DC Comics looked to populate the small screen with adaptations of its most-coveted characters, the Warner Brothers-owned entity cast its net wide across different networks to complement their theatrical offering as the competition with Marvel Studios was in full-swing. …

A conceptual analysis.

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President Donald J. Trump walks from the White House Monday evening, June 1, 2020, to St. John’s Episcopal Church, that was damaged by fire during demonstrations in nearby LaFayette Square Sunday evening. Part of the Public Domain.

Despite the overwhelming support that the current Republican administration gets from Evangelicals, few of its stewards can be described as remotely religious. After eight years of principled secularism from Barack Obama, evangelical fervor was at an all-time high, and in seeking to rectify America’s newly-acquired distance from religiosity, Donald Trump — an avowed sinnerwas deemed a worthy successor.

This is the story of America under its newly-imposed regime — the religious zealots on the Christian right get to define the parameters of the country’s political economy, and in their unwavering support for all that advances their cause, they’ve become a fearsome force in American politics. There’s an interesting paradox in purporting to venerate God while voting for sin personified, but it makes sense in the context of an ever-diluting set of principles and values from the religious right — what was once an impenetrable fort of unshakable commitment to godly figures in service of godly ends, has only now realized endeavors most-devilish would bring them closer to their goals. …

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