3 Digital Marketing Mentors To Follow In 2016


The digital marketing space is constantly evolving. Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are introducing new features on a regular basis. As marketers we must stay abreast of these changes, and learn how to maximise them for our use.

In order to keep up with the game, you need to be following those who are ahead of the game. With social media platforms we can all easily do that.

With that said here are 3 digital marketing experts who you should be following in 2016.

These three guys are revolutionising the evolving social landscape.

  1. Gary Vaynerchuck, Founder and CEO of VaynerMedia #askgaryvee #dailyvee

Digital Marketing

https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/ | @garyvee

A No holds barred hustler. Who is constantly adding value to those who follow him on social media. His #askgaryveeshow is a must watch. He engages and answers his audiences questions. Check out #dailyvee as well for an inside look into what it takes to run a media empire.

Follow him on snapchat @garyvee for digital marketing knowledge on a daily basis.

  1. Jay Baer, President, Convince and Convert

Digital Marketing

http://www.jaybaer.com | @JayBaer

Baer is constantly putting out written content. So if you enjoy reading about strategic insights in the digital marketing world then he is right up your alley.

His book ‘Hug Your Haters’ is a great read.

  1. Neil Patel, Founder at Quick Sprout

Digital Marketing

http://www.quicksprout.com/ | @NeilPatelOne

He is the best resource for explaining digital marketing in an easy to understand way. In addition, he tests pretty much everything he talks about. So he has first hand knowledge of how to do what he is explaining.

If you want to learn how to drive traffic your blog, you should read his blog!

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