3 Easy Tools For Epic Content Creation


Creating good content is imperative to tell your brands story on social media channels. Unlike other marketing strategies you are giving information to your audience instead of asking them to purchase something.

In order to make your customers happy you should be able to tailor to each specific piece of content to a distribution channel.

Your images MUST fit the appropriate size constraints of each platform. What works on Instagram does not work as well on Facebook or Twitter.

If you aren’t a Photoshop or illustrator jedi, how do you go about creating great content?

Here are three easy tools that will help you create epic content.

1. Canva.com

Canva is an amazing free website service that removes all the guesswork out of designing for social media platforms. It provides you with the correct image size for Facebook and Twitter headers, Instagram and Facebook posts as well as a bevy of other platforms. The design possibilities are endless!

2. Pixelmator

Removing the backgrounds from images is key when creating great content for social platforms. Pixelmator is an app that is very similar to photoshop, but easier to use. It has a magic eraser tool, that allows you to remove the background from any image with the click of a button!

You can purchase it from the app store for less than $50. For the price of dinner and drinks you can have an amazing program that makes your life easier!

3. Affinity Designer

This app is available in the app store for less than $50. For those of you that do not want to pay a monthly fee to use adobe illustrator I highly recommend using Affinity Designer. It has the same capabilities as illustrator and is super easy to use!