Video Marketing In Ubers

This morning I was taking an Uber ride to work, and happened to get inside a car with an Ipad attached to the back of the passenger side seat.

After doing a little digging I discovered the company responsible for this highly effective form of advertising. While Whale Media.

I couldnt take my eyes off it. It was smack dab in the middle of my line of sight.

Once I closed the door it began to run a series of adds for companies based in Singapore. Specifically, Delivery Roo, HoneyCombers and Your Singapore.

What are the advantages of this advertising platform?

1. Interactive

After viewing the adds, I could interact with them due to the touch interface of the iPad.

This allows the above companies to engage with their potential customers.

Where as a a typical video billboard on side of building or inside a mall can not be interacted with directly.

2. Visibility & Duration

I mentioned this above, the iPad was right infront of my line of site. When I was looking at my iPhone I could still see it infront of me.

This occured for the duration of my entire trip, which lasted a total of 15 minutes.

In comparison, a potential customer is not forced to look at a video billboard on the side of a building. They simply walk by and may or may not notice it.

3. Analytics

Most importantatly companies who advertise in this way are able to track their conversion rate through the touch technology of the iPad.

They can calculate how many users interacted with their adds via clicks on the iPad.

This allows them to track their Return On Investment (ROI).

On a video billboard you cannot track the effectiveness of your campaign or your ROI. You just have to hope you video is appealing and the billboard is located in a highly trafficed area.

Which advertisement platform would you use for your business?

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