The truth about television

When you have passive income and don’t really have to grind, you want want to be entertained with little effort.

So, you use some of that extra cash you have laying around to buy entertainment. You Artists create entertainment, so before television we would pay artists to paint stuff, sculpt stuff, build stuff, put on plays, create music, etc…

The television was and a device that makes is possible for us to watch plays anywhere. And as things go, some entrepreneur figured out how to make money from providing this service to regular people, those that are still on their grind but want something to do when they are not grinding.

From this we get services like YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, etc… the he point is this.

If your not where you want to be in life, television isn’t for you! Unless, you are watching stuff that’s going to expand your mind, stuff that’s going to help you with your hustle.

This doesn’t mean that you should never watch television. This means that you should spend more time hustling and grinding than you spend watching television.