You have an idea for a business? This is how you find out if anyone is interested.

You don’t need a Paypal account. You need to know that people are actually going to pay you!

  1. Register your domain name.
  2. Build a simple website
  3. Put what your selling on the website
  4. Put a buy now button below what your selling
  5. have the button link to a page with a form on it
  6. use a bitly link. This way you can see how many clicks you get on the “BUY NOW” button.
  7. On the page with the form on it write,”we’re not ready to ship”, or “we’re not ready to start serving customers yet.
  8. Beneath that put a contact form asking for their name and email address.

Once the site with the form is all set, all we have to do is tell as many people as possible. There is a way to go about this so people don’t think were just trying to get their money without offering them anything valuable. Thats for another post though. Subscribe to Wisdom Before Wealth for updates!

There are two levels of validation here. The first level is people clicking on the buy button. This tells us that people are interested. The second level is people giving us their information.

Now that we know people are interested in what we’re selling, we come up with a way for them to pay us for it. When we have a way for them to pay us for it, we just send them an email telling them “we’re ready, here is the link for you to buy what we’re selling”. Of course we don’t say it exactly like that but I’m sure you get the point.

Im doing a video series at Write Code Drink Coffee that will walk, you through the process of creating minimum viable product website and how to setup some simple validation.

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